UChicago graduate

University of Chicago graduate

The case for the University of Chicago

It starts with a question.

When and how were the physical laws that govern the universe set in motion? How can urbanization’s potential to expand access to education, health care, culture, and economic opportunity be realized? Do diabetes, heart disease, and cancer require different notions of “cure”? What does today’s evolving context mean for the future of liberal arts education, and how do we uphold and enhance that education’s vital core?

What difference can one idea, one person, one university make?

People like you helped create the University of Chicago, an institution that for more than a century has defined its purpose with the motto let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched. Today, the University calls on you—on the leadership and philanthropy of alumni and friends, of parents, patients, and families—to help UChicago faculty and students define future inquiry and its impact on lives around the globe.

By embracing the University of Chicago’s purpose, alumni and faculty have launched schools of thought in economics, sociology, and literary criticism and created a destination for the study of mathematics and law. They have unlocked languages of the ancient world and celebrated the city of Chicago in poetry and prose. They have examined history and changed its course. They have deepened our appreciation of the natural world and expanded our comprehension of the physical universe. They are Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel laureates, and recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. They have made a lasting impact.

Today, that firm belief in the power of inquiry—the fearless pursuit of understanding and discovery in education and in research—has brought the University of Chicago to an era of unprecedented momentum. Intelligent, questioning young people from around the globe seek out a UChicago education to make their mark on the world as thinkers and creators, healers and scientists, leaders and entrepreneurs. Scholars come to Hyde Park and our centers around the world to open their ideas to debate and produce the work that will define their careers—and often their disciplines. Students and faculty collaborate with artists on campus and in the community to create new avenues for scholarship and expression. New and expanded partnerships with national laboratories create more opportunities to educate, explore, and innovate.

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact is the most ambitious and comprehensive campaign in the University’s history. It is our opportunity to ensure that UChicago continues to take its place among the world’s great centers of discovery, education, and impact; that it remains true to its values; and that it is made stronger still. The faculty, deans, provost, and president have identified an ambitious intellectual agenda—an agenda we can help achieve.

Together, we are creating an environment that will spur more insights and innovations, solutions and cures. UChicago’s students, faculty, and researchers are putting the revolutionary power of big data in the hands of caregivers, economists, and cosmologists; engineering molecules that bridge the gap between today’s biggest challenges and tomorrow’s smallest technologies; and creating innovative scholarly teams and tools to ask bold, far-reaching questions about the ideas, old and new, that drive diverse cultures around the world.

Together, we are preparing more students to lead in an increasingly complex world. UChicago engages the intellect and ambition of students from myriad backgrounds. Through educational experiences on campus and across the continents, they learn to consider issues from multiple angles and in the context of civilizations today and throughout history, gaining the understanding and skills to assess and respond to a constantly evolving environment.   

Together, we are building more powerful connections to Chicago and cities around the globe. A leading research university in a major city, with strong ties to its community, UChicago is positioned to develop solutions to urban education, crime, and poverty that will improve life in Chicago and help transform the lives of billions of people worldwide in the decades to come.  

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact starts with a question.

What difference can one idea, one person, one University make?

We will find answers—and discover new questions—together.