Frequently asked questions

What is the University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact?

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact, the University’s most ambitious and comprehensive campaign to date, will raise a total of $5 billion and engage 125,000 alumni to support faculty and researchers, practitioners and patients, and students and programs across the University.

The campaign has three main objectives:

  • create an environment that will spur more insights and innovations, solutions and cures;
  • prepare more students to lead in an increasingly complex world; and
  • build more powerful connections to Chicago and cities around the globe.

Why and how should I give?

It is our opportunity, as alumni, to ensure that UChicago continues to take its place among the world’s great centers of discovery, education, and influence. Supporting faculty and students in their quest to define future inquiry and its impact on lives around the globe requires a high level of fundraising and engagement.

All alumni can make a difference. Give annually to provide immediate and dependable resources. Plan a gift to enjoy increased tax benefits. Make a matching gift to multiply the value of your contribution. Every gift counts.

Giving now is particularly important to sustain the campaign’s momentum and focus. With more than $2 billion raised in the quiet phase, thanks to generous support from every trustee and an increasing level of participation from alumni through annual and planned gifts, this campaign aims to surpass the fundraising total of all previous campaigns combined. Faculty and leaders across the University have outlined specific and measurable priorities for strategic growth and impact.

What is the engagement goal?

To help strengthen our community today and for decades to come, we aim to engage 125,000 individual alumni during the course of the campaign through intellectual, professional, and social activities on campus, in local areas, and online. Alumni can engage by giving, attending events, volunteering, joining affinity groups and societies, or connecting on social media and, ideally, will engage in multiple ways, multiple times.

Why does the campaign have an engagement goal?

The campaign’s engagement goal mobilizes the entire University of Chicago alumni network, fostering a more active, tight-knit community around the world. As a data-driven University, UChicago quantifies engagement in order to track progress and improve approaches.

Engaged alumni support strong personal and professional networks throughout the UChicago community and beyond. In addition to fostering collaboration and connection among graduates, a strong alumni network attracts top prospective students by signaling clear pathways to career success. Engaged alumni serve as ambassadors to broaden awareness about and increase pride for UChicago. These network enrich the lives of alumni around the globe through life-long learning and friendships. Participation by alumni also signals the strength and value of the University to prospective students, faculty, civic partners, and donors.

Why should I engage with the University?

An engaged community of alumni is central to the University’s continued leadership in discovery and education; helps our community tackle the world’s greatest challenges; and increases benefits for all alumni.

Engagement activities provide opportunities for alumni to:

  • give support to help faculty and students define future inquiry and its impact on lives around the globe;
  • grow intellectually through lifelong learning and be part of a community that will spur more insights and innovations, solutions and cures;
  • develop professionally through networking, mentorship, and volunteer opportunities that increase the value of their degrees and help prepare more students to lead in an increasingly complex world; and
  • connect socially through serious fun that deepens the bonds of friendship, spreads UChicago pride, and strengthens a vibrant University community in more than 125 countries around the world.

Download the engagement campaign one-pager.