Sheldon Levy, AB'09, Maroon Loyalty Society member

Sheldon Levy, AB’09

What Sheldon Levy, AB’09, loves about the University of Chicago is “an education that focuses on critical thinking and rigor,” he says. “You’ve really got to put the moves behind your muscle.”

Since graduation Sheldon has donated $20.09 out of each paycheck he earns as a senior analyst at the advertising/marketing firm ZenithOptimedia to the Odyssey Scholarship program.

“As much as the buildings on campus are great, and the research is great,” he says, “what moves all of that is the people who inhabit those buildings and do that research.”

Sheldon is also a dedicated volunteer, taking leadership roles in efforts ranging from his 5th Reunion to the University’s Volunteer Caucus and the Alumni Club of New York City. As someone who loves the University, he sees annual giving as another means of expressing that commitment.

“The easiest way to show that you care is to participate in the conversation,” he says. “I’m an annual giver because it shows that I’m committed. I’m in.”

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