Annual funds provide the most flexible support for students, research, and programs throughout the University.

Annual funds

Annual funds provide flexible resources to address immediate needs, from financial aid and graduate research stipends to seed money for new initiatives and curricula.

Deans, directors, and faculty rely on your gift every year. Consistent donors—at all levels—help schools and divisions close the gaps not covered by tuition or endowment funds.

Explore the annual funds below to find the best fit for your philanthropic goals. Your gift to UChicago supports causes including but not limited to:

To give to annual funds throughout the University, browse campaign priorities or find your area of support on the main campaign giving form.

John W. Boyer, dean of the College, surprises third-year students Yusef Al-Jarani, Ava Benezra, Andrea Haidar, and Erin Simpson at an April 11 ceremony with the news that they won prestigious Truman Scholarships. The University of Chicago leads the nation in the number of Truman Scholars this year.


Support undergraduate students in the College through a variety of annual funds that expand access to an empowering UChicago education, ensure the continued strength of the Core curriculum, and prepare students for leadership and professional success:

  • The College Fund provides the most flexible support for financial aid, study abroad, undergraduate research, faculty recruitment, internships, and more.
  • The Dean's Fund for Student Life provides funding for student life and internships as well as student-initiated projects.
  • The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program offers substantive, professional paid internships exclusively to UChicago undergraduates.
  • Odyssey Scholarships provide financial aid to ensure that students with the greatest financial need are able to attend regardless of financial capacity.

Support graduate students of the divisions through annual funds that provide stipends, enabling them to conduct research and complete their degrees in a shorter period of time:

Professors Leora Auslander and David A. Mazziotti, two recipients of the University of Chicago's 2014 Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring, discuss the lifelong relationships forged with students inside and outside the classroom.

Support graduate students in the professional schools through annual funds that provide resources for conferences, competitions, grants, and faculty recruitment:

Support K-12 students in Chicago through annual funds that provide the faculty support, curriculum development, financial aid, and innovative programs that add up to a world-class education:

Support lifelong learning through annual funds that provide programs, platforms, and events to keep the intellectual challenges going long after graduation:

Support academic resources through annual funds that advance the University of Chicago as an intellectual destination for students worldwide:


Support medical research through annual funds that help develop cures and improve care for a broad range of illnesses including cancer, pediatric illnesses, and diabetes:

Support collaborative research through annual funds that connect students, faculty, and scholars from a variety disciplines across the University and around the world:

Support faculty research in the divisions through annual funds that advance faculty research in offices and labs, at conferences, in the field, and everywhere in between:

Support campus resources through annual funds that advance the University of Chicago as an intellectual destination for students and scholars worldwide:

At the University of Chicago, innovation is in our DNA. It is the lifeblood of our research, yielding life-changing insights and discoveries that transform our society. UChicago continues to make groundbreaking advances in urban education, medicine, business, science, and more.

The arts

Support the arts on campus and beyond through annual funds that provide cultural programming and education as part of the University’s intellectual environment:

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