Giving Vehicle

Please make your donation to the University of Chicago Foundation through the Associazione VITA by downloading our giving form and sending it to the Associazione VITA.

Associazione Vita Giving Europe Onlus
Via Marco D’Agrate, 43
20139 Milan, Italy
+39 2 552 29 83 33

Please send a copy of the form to:

The University of Chicago Foundation Limited
19 Norcott Road
London, N16 7EJ, United Kingdom
+44 207 502 2813

Important Notes

  • Gifts given via the Associazione VITA are subject to a fee of 5 percent on the first €100,000 and then 1 percent on the remainder, up to a maximum fee of €15,000.
  • Your gift receipt will come from the Associazione VITA.
  • Questions concerning Transnational Giving Europe or how to make a gift to the Associazione VITA can be directed to Eileen Flood, University of Chicago Foundation Administrator, at