Tax-efficient options for making a gift from your IRA.

Tax-free giving from your IRA

A retirement plan, such as an IRA, can be your most significant asset. In addition to providing retirement income, it can be a smart source for charitable giving. Here are two tax-efficient options for making a gift from your IRA during your lifetime or through your estate:


If you are 70½ years or older, an IRA charitable rollover gift allows you to direct up to $100,000 tax free to the University each year from your traditional IRA, which satisfies your required minimum distribution and reduces your taxable income. Contact your IRA custodian to request a direct distribution to the University.

TIP: Married taxpayers who meet QCD requirements and file joint returns can donate $100,000 from each spouse’s IRA, for a total of $200,000 annually.


You can designate the University as a primary, contingent, or cobeneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan. You reduce your taxable estate and avoid income tax, while the University receives the full amount of the untaxed gift. Simply request a beneficiary designation form from your plan custodian, insurance agent, or bank branch.