Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry

What happens when scholars and artists are invited to collaborate with one another, to engage in unfettered exploration of uncharted territory?  What happens when they place their distinct forms of accomplishment into an unscripted dialogue with a mandate to explore freely?  In short, what happens when artists and scholars step into a laboratory setting in order to experiment—together and with students? The Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry serves as a laboratory for such experimentation, exploration, and innovation involving some of the world’s most groundbreaking artists and scholars. It fosters collaborative projects that are transformative for the participants, for the University, and for the wider world of art and scholarship.

  • A unique, intensive fellowship program pairing field-leading artists and scholars supports radical experimentation and transformative interdisciplinary projects.
  • An incubator initiative brings artists and scholars to campus for exploratory visits with UChicago faculty, seeding future fellowships and special collaborations.
  • Springing from the fellowships and courses cotaught by fellows, myriad happenings bring together students, faculty, and top thinkers and makers from around Chicago and the world.
  • Events ranging from performances and exhibitions to workshops and international symposia take place across campus, including the Logan Center and the Gray Center Lab in the historic Midway Studios.

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