Research initiatives

To generate new work that addresses knowledge gaps and important policy questions, the Becker Friedman Institute supports long-term research initiatives. Each focuses on a significant economic or policy issue or a specific research approach. These projects encompass existing institute activities: new research, conferences, workshops, visiting scholars, and student involvement. The ongoing nature of these collaborations, however, offers greater flexibility to explore key issues in new ways over longer durations—often years. Three initiatives are funded through the Andrew and Betsy Rosenfield Program in Economics, Public Policy, and Law. With your added support, the institute can serve as an incubator for the growth and development of the following projects:

  • Experimental economics
  • Economics of the family
  • Economics of conflict
  • Fiscal studies
  • Health economics
  • Human capital and economic opportunity
  • Industrial organization
  • International economics
  • Macro financial modeling
  • Law and economics
  • Applied price theory