Research Scholars

The Becker Friedman Institute will expand its Research Scholars program, which provides one- or two-year fellowships to promising pretenured economists. The best of these young PhDs have great potential to open new research horizons. Yet for those who follow the typical career path to a teaching post immediately after graduate school, teaching responsibilities and the tenure race often narrow their intellectual development. To counter this loss in creative productivity, the institute offers postdoctoral fellowships to the brightest young economists. These scholars receive financial support and the opportunity to develop and expand their research agendas at the start of their careers, free from teaching responsibilities.

Your support of the Research Scholars program will bring the best and the brightest emerging researchers to the institute and immerse them in the rigorous Chicago approach to economic inquiry. They will have unparalleled opportunities for exchange and collaboration with world-class economists. The opportunity will help produce superbly trained, ambitious young researchers and can be a recruitment advantage that draws them to the faculty.