Faculty support

Chicago Booth’s faculty members actively are expanding the world’s understanding of the complex dynamics of markets, businesses, and organizations across disciplinary boundaries. Investing in faculty has impact that extends to the future leaders who are Booth students and the current leaders around the globe whose thoughts, policies, and actions the school influences.

In addition to providing general support for faculty research and curricular initiatives, below are a few examples of ways to invest in the Booth faculty:

  • Professorships: Endowed professorships play a key role in helping the school attract and retain outstanding faculty in every area. In turn, Booth is able to strategically grow its faculty and expand its intellectual footprint.
  • Faculty research funds: Robust investment in research at Booth can reveal revolutionary, enduring knowledge. Endowed faculty research funds support the school in accelerating the pace of discovery.
  • Visiting faculty fellowships: As discovery accelerates, so does opportunity. The right visiting scholars—prominent faculty from other institutions—engaged at the right time will play a vital role in advancing the momentum toward revelatory knowledge.

To learn more, please visit campaign.chicagobooth.edu.

Image: Amir Sufi, Chicago Board of Trade Professor of Finance, Chicago Booth