The College

Thanks to the giving of 47,000 alumni, parents, and friends, more than $711 million was raised in support of the College through the University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact.

The success of the College today builds upon our founding mission—to provide a transformative undergraduate education that prepares students for a lifetime of intellectual exploration, fearless analysis, and the pursuit of bold new questions. With your support, our students’ intellectual experience and life on campus grow richer every year.

  • Your support of the Odyssey Scholarship Program, which offers a need-blind, loan-free education in the College, helps unleash the potential of bright, motivated students. Over the course of the campaign, more than 2,600 Odyssey Scholars—many of them the first in their families to attend college—entered UChicago. Today Odyssey provides much more than basic financial aid: Odyssey Scholars benefit from increased access to study abroad; funding for books, health insurance, and other fees; and specialized internships and career opportunities that support their path to success.
  • The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program, which offers substantive, paid internship opportunities to thousands of students each year, tripled in size over the course of this campaign, sending more than 3,000 interns to more than 250 cities this year alone. Thanks to your philanthropy, 96 percent of students in the Class of 2019 graduated with plans for careers or further education.
  • At the University’s Centers in Paris, Beijing, and Delhi, on its Hong Kong campus, and at program sites worldwide, College students live the life of the mind, one great culture at a time. With your support, opportunities for study abroad have flourished: now more than 50 percent of students in the College participate in one of 61 study abroad programs.
  • The construction of a new Center in Paris will further enhance UChicago’s already strong global visibility, uniting our international education and research initiatives and furthering our commitment to students’ education abroad. 
  • The College is committed to creating a vibrant residential community where friendships develop around a shared passion for the power of ideas, and which prepares students for academic, personal, and professional success. UChicago has added five modern residence halls since 2001, two of them during the course of the campaign. No other peer institution has undertaken anything like this initiative, which has completely revolutionized undergraduate housing at UChicago, and your support has been key to this effort.

The College’s future is strong because of the support of donors like you. Your investment ensures that the College will continue to inspire talented and curious students, provide them with a distinctive and empowering education, and enable them to successfully connect that education to their future lives and to the benefit of our global society.