The College

A great research university requires a great college. The University of Chicago was novel in understanding this at its founding, integrating an undergraduate education with scholarly research devoted to driving new knowledge. Today, the College is more esteemed than ever, with more—and even more talented—students applying, accepting our offers to attend, and finding meaningful success in the world after they graduate.

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact will ensure that the College continues to offer what we believe is the best education an undergraduate can obtain—a rare combination of a vibrant intellectual climate that attracts the most talented scholars from all backgrounds, an empowering liberal arts education exemplified in our singular Core curriculum, and a campus environment that offers students the guidance and practical experience to succeed in any career they choose.

Philanthropy will play a vital role in fueling this combination and preparing the brightest minds to go into the world and enrich human life through their work. Your support will ensure that the best students can attend the College regardless of economic circumstances, preserve and reinforce the Core curriculum, create a vibrant campus community to complement and enhance students’ studies, and guarantee that all College students have opportunities to translate their education into meaningful careers.

Our predecessors believed passionately that the training of the young was a momentous calling and an ever-challenging responsibility, involving both the humane and the intellectual and going deep into the bones of the University. The vocation of teaching has come to define the highest and best nature of this institution, and the College is at the very center of the University’s dedication to exceptional and transformative teaching.

The College is a model for undergraduate education, instilling the intellectual rigor, drive, and creativity that prepare students for thoughtful citizenship and leadership across the full scope of the human endeavor. Whether you make your gift to one of the priorities below or make an unrestricted gift, your investment will create a stronger College—and a more promising future for the next generation of College graduates.

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact will raise $700 million to support initiatives through the College.