Guaranteeing opportunities for impact

A great undergraduate education must include opportunities that help students connect their studies to the broader world—from our surrounding neighborhoods to organizations around the globe. With comprehensive support we can position our students for success both in the College and beyond graduation, in any career they choose.

Starting in the classroom, your support helps students and faculty connect their academic work to the city of Chicago through Chicago Studies, which provides funding for special faculty-taught courses, guest speakers, field trips, and student research collaborations about the metropolis of Chicago. In Chicago and beyond, you help the Institute of Politics, founded by David Axelrod, AB’76, engage students with internships and access to leaders in public service across the political spectrum.

To make the connection from classroom to career even stronger, your investment helps Career Advancement start working with every student in the first year, so they can anticipate their future as they undertake the Core. They’ll have access to any of the eight profession-specific career exploration programs, including expanded offerings in entrepreneurship and STEM alongside health; business; law; journalism, arts, and media; and others. Combining academic guidance and professional experience, these programs have the capacity to serve every student in the College—and to expose the rest of the world to the power of a College education through the achievements of our students and graduates.

Support for the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program gives students direct work experience. Last year more than 2,000 College students held paid, substantive internships in organizations around the globe, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles, UNESCO in Paris, and the Wanxiang Corporation in China. These internships would not be possible without philanthropy, which provides stipends to ensure that all Metcalf Interns can participate regardless of their financial capacity.

With your generous support, we can meet the increasing student demand for these experiences—and employer demand for our students’ talents—and help every College student develop and achieve his or her own definition of success.