Address rapid urban growth and change: Urban Center for Computation and Data

By 2050, seven out of 10 people on Earth will live in cities. Rapid urban growth in developing countries will have a dramatic impact on the environment and humanity. The Computation Institute’s Urban Center for Computation and Data (UrbanCCD) applies data analytics and computational modeling to the construction and operation of cities and to anticipate and shape the effects of global urbanization on all our lives.

Merging the University’s leadership in the social sciences with the computational expertise and resources of Argonne, UrbanCCD works with partners in academia and industry. UrbanCCD projects include

  • deploying the Array of Things, a network of sensor nodes throughout Chicago that will collect city data at a previously unimaginable scale to help understand local climate, improve transportation, and revitalize neighborhoods;
  • modeling the plans for the 600-acre Chicago Lakeside Development on the South Side; and
  • building a new platform for visualizing open data from city, county, state, and federal governments through to push data-driven urban research beyond spreadsheets and towards deeper insights and solutions.

A gift to the UrbanCCD will help transform UChicago into a global leader in data-enabled urban science and help shape safer, more efficient, and healthier cities.