Create an intellectual destination for computational innovation: Computation Fellows program

At the heart of the Computation Institute will be an innovative new Computation Fellows program that creates a destination for scholars, practitioners, and students from within and outside the University. Fellows are faculty, students, postdocs, and visitors who physically relocate to the Computation Institute for a finite period to undertake a specific project. They will be of several types, including research fellows, teaching fellows, graduate fellows, and postdoctoral fellows, working in teams on ambitious projects.

The Computation Fellows program will provide a context, location, and community that nurtures bold computational projects. The program will be designed to support faculty with ideas for new approaches to teaching computation or whose research requires new software or instrumentation. Graduate and postdoctoral fellows can bridge disciplinary boundaries, working on common projects and learning computational techniques that will benefit their research and education. Policy fellows will concentrate on legal issues surrounding computation, such as data privacy and copyright. All these projects will benefit from the involvement of visiting fellows from other universities, national labs, and industry.