Production center

Create a new off-site production facility that will enable Court Theatre to operate more effectively and produce more activity each year.

Court Theatre’s most significant challenge in growing its audience and patron base is the lack of a production center. An extremely small workspace in Court’s production shop means that most sets are built directly on the stage. Not only is this hard on the auditorium itself—it also requires the theater to go dark for weeks at a time, forcing successful productions off the stage rather than extending their runs for increased revenue and audience development.

The University of Chicago has identified a potential site for this new production center as part of the Arts Block, a broad initiative intended to help revitalize a section of the Washington Park neighborhood just blocks from Court’s Abelson Auditorium. In addition to expanding facilities for Court and its productions, this site opens up the possibility of collaborations with other parts of the Arts Block development, as well as the development of facility tours and other educational programs for the Washington Park and larger South Side community. Court Theatre actively seeks interested patrons to help create this critical resource.