Faculty Support

The Divinity School’s accomplishments and continued global leadership rest on the consistent quality of its faculty across generations. Investments in faculty pay dividends to the University of Chicago, its students, and the larger intellectual enterprise that the institution embodies.

  • Named chairs: Endowed professorships are an invaluable tool in building and sustaining an outstanding and diverse faculty. The school seeks to establish named chairs across all areas of study, including the history of Judaism and Jewish thought; Islamic studies; religions in America; race and religion; Buddhism; philosophy of religion; and women and religion.
  • Faculty research and conferences: Access to people, information, sources, and equipment is critical to scholarship. Donor support helps faculty members move forward with research, travel to engage with living communities and archival resources, organize and participate in conferences, and publish their work. This is the crucible of the research enterprise.
  • Visiting senior scholar program: Visiting scholars add their strengths to those of the Divinity School and enrich its environment. They build bridges between the school and other institutions, creating networks and opportunities for students and faculty. The Divinity School is a much-sought-after destination for scholars the world over, but all too often the lack of finances limits who can come and be a part of this intellectual community.