Global locations programming

Investments both in facilities and programs will allow the University of Chicago’s global locations to reach their full potential, advancing knowledge around the world. Through public programming and collaboration with local scholars, businesses, and organizations, the centers will address issues of global and local concern.

Dynamic programming will help the locations attract the world’s best minds to address complex issues—from climate change to health care reform to educational access—unlimited by geographic or disciplinary boundaries.

Philanthropy will support

  • study abroad and other educational and professional opportunities that broaden the intellectual horizons of College students through immersion and exchange;
  • travel grants, workshops, and research funding for UChicago graduate and professional students working abroad;
  • lectures, conferences, and Chicago-style training programs and public events that provide opportunities for collaboration with international colleagues and build bridges with local and global partners;
  • multi-institution faculty research collaborations to tackle globally important questions;
  • programs for visiting scholars, who often continue the work launched at global locations with subsequent visits to the Hyde Park campus; and
  • alumni events that help keep University graduates connected to the University and generate international opportunities for UChicago students.