The Division of the Humanities

Scholars in the humanities explore what it means to be human and how that meaning changes over time. Whether they focus on ancient art or the future of languages, faculty members and students in the Division of the Humanities seek out and share profound truths about humanity’s place in the world.

At the University of Chicago, humanists pursue path-breaking research in 15 departments, from art history to linguistics to philosophy. They collaborate for greater impact through the Division of the Humanities’ many interdisciplinary centers. And as they develop new tools for understanding the human experience, they enhance the humanities’ potential to make meaningful contributions to knowledge and society.

The University is a global leader in the humanities, and its programs and departments in every field are stronger than ever before. Philanthropy will play a pivotal role in fueling the intellectual ambitions of UChicago humanities scholars into the future. Your support will broaden the impact of the humanities in a world that urgently needs their insights, stores of knowledge, and contributions.

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact will raise $140 million to support initiatives through the Division of the Humanities.