Recruit and retain leading faculty

Outstanding faculty members are essential to teaching and research in the humanities and vital to maintaining the University’s distinctive intellectual environment. The division’s more than 200 faculty members produce original, award-winning scholarship and art. They teach and mentor the next generation of leaders in the humanities and beyond through premier graduate programs, undergraduate majors and minors, and the College’s renowned Core curriculum.

Building the very best faculty requires resources to recruit and retain top scholars and teachers in traditional and emerging disciplines—in Shakespeare, Dante, and Joyce; in Sanskrit, Urdu, and Mandarin; in poetry network analysis, performance art, and computational linguistics. Your generosity will help the division establish new professorships and attract scholars who define new intellectual directions within, beyond, and between their own disciplines.

Your investment will also provide the tools humanities scholars need to do their best work: funding for travel, conferences, research infrastructure, publications, collaborations with visitors, and postdoctoral fellowships. With your contribution, UChicago will thrive as a destination for exceptional and creative thinkers whose ideas have the potential to transform their disciplines, the academy, and society.

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