Thematic centers

Faculty and students at the Institute for Molecular Engineering choose progress over disciplinary boundaries. This special character keeps their focus on IME’s ultimate goal: bringing innovations and solutions to current and future societal needs. To best meet those needs, exploration at IME is organized around five broad themes or ideas, each with its own dedicated center:

  • Molecular engineering of water resources – creating new molecular-scale materials to dramatically increase the world’s supply of clean fresh water
  • Energy storage – exploring denser and cheaper energy storage, which will impact how we power our lives and treat our planet
  • Quantum information technology – unleashing the power of quantum mechanics to dramatically increase computing’s speed, capacity, sensitivity, and security, with applications to almost every aspect of life, from national defense to personal health
  • Immunoengineering – providing the immune system with the ability to protect itself against cancer, immune and auto-immune disorders such as HIV and type 1 diabetes, and global health problems such as malaria
  • Active matter – directing ultrasmall nanostructures to self-assemble into integrated circuits will create new generations of more powerful—and less expensive—electronic and computing technology

Your support of an individual center at the Institute for Molecular Engineering will provide for the faculty, graduate students, and specialized equipment and space required to take on the important challenges each center has been created to address.

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