Scholarships and student aid

From its inception, people who have cared about Lab have cared about making it attainable to the most promising students. Today, the Schools continue to value a student body that is diverse in every respect—race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, political thought. Maintaining diversity is a cornerstone of the Schools’ approach to education. Lab seeks to expose students to a range of ideas, views, beliefs, customs, stories, and other individual and collective expressions.

Providing support for scholarship and financial aid is one of Lab’s top philanthropic goals. The extraordinary generosity of the Lab community has enabled the Schools to increase the number of full-tuition scholarships from just one to 27, with room for more. Fully supporting a scholarship student often goes beyond tuition needs. From textbooks, technology, and access to the internet, to ensuring access to opportunities outside the classroom, Lab hopes to ensure that every student—regardless of means—is able to experience the full value of a Lab education.

The financial support of alumni, parents, and friends like you ensures that a Lab education is accessible to children from all backgrounds and that the Lab community remains a balanced, vibrant, and intellectually thriving one.