Law, Business, and Policy Center

Underscoring the University’s renewed emphasis on the outward impact of its research and educational efforts, the Law School seeks funding for a new intellectual Center for Law, Business, and Policy which will support broad engagement with leaders in business, law, policy, and the media at the city, state, national, and global levels. The Law School’s relevance to public policy depends on public engagement as much as it does on arguments addressed to courts, Congress, and regulators. The center will convene a variety of events, such as round table discussions between scholars and business leaders; major media-covered conferences for judges, legislators, and practicing lawyers that aim to translate evidence-based research into concrete policy recommendations; and lecture and debate series cosponsored with leading forums for public intellectual engagement, including Chicago Ideas Week, Public Square, and the Aspen Ideas Festival. The center will expand the Law School’s long-standing dominance in law and economics into the critical domains of business and public policy.