Enhance the MBL’s facilities to accommodate greater use by more faculty, researchers, and students

The MBL must provide its researchers and students with the modern research laboratories, core microscopy, imaging and computation facilities, and other advanced instrumentation their science requires. Improving campus infrastructure will create new possibilities for the research efforts of resident scientists and expand access to the MBL to more visiting faculty and students, both from the University of Chicago and around the world. Specific initiatives include

  • renovating the Swope Conference Center and other student and faculty housing facilities;
  • upgrading laboratories and general infrastructure in the Lillie building, Marine Resources building, and other research facilities;
  • improving computer network infrastructure and connectivity with the University of Chicago by creating an MBL computation hub; and
  • building an internationally recognized imaging facility with state-of-the-art microscopy and services in support of innovative research, technology development, and educational activities.