Leverage complementary resources, strengths, and research interests of the MBL and the University of Chicago

The MBL–UChicago affiliation is based on shared research interests and powerful complementary capabilities that span multiple departments at both institutions. MBL’s groundbreaking work in molecular biology and evolution, ecosystems science, regenerative biology and tissue engineering, and many other fields complements the University of Chicago’s eminent programs in genomics, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as exciting initiatives in computation, microbiology, environmental policy, and molecular engineering. In addition, the MBL shares synergies with the University of Chicago Medicine, a leading academic medical center that cares for more than half a million people each year.

Your support will help ensure that 1+1=3. It will create and sustain new collaborations between the institutions, sparking new ideas and accelerating inquiry and impact across the sciences. With leadership investments of endowment and current use support, it will also enable the high-priority recruitment and retention of creative and innovative scientists whose research is based at the MBL in Woods Hole. Your gift can provide

  • resources for current resident faculty, including support for ongoing or new avenues of research, as well as salaries for advanced postdoctoral research fellows;
  • start-up assistance for the recruitment of new faculty; and
  • scholarships/stipends to bring outstanding young scientists and graduate students to the MBL for their first visits as researchers or course participants.