Stop cancer

Advance discovery and develop interventions to stop cancer

Imagine a future in which your body responds to cancer like it was fighting a virus; your medications are tailor-made just for you; only cancer cells are damaged by treatment.

Think about the here and now. Almost all of us are personally affected by cancer. In just a few short years, cancer is projected to be the No. 1 disease killing Americans of all ages.
We want to stop cancer from reaching that milestone.

Already with your help, we’re making progress.

  • We collaborated with the National Cancer Institute to establish the nation’s most comprehensive computational facility for cancer genomic data. The NCI Genomic Data Commons (GDC) has expanded access for scientists around the country, speeding up research and, in turn, leading to faster discoveries for patients.
  • We’re building a database for pediatric cancer research to drive the development of better treatments for children with cancer.
  • We’re uncovering the secrets to metastasis so we can stop cancer’s deadly spread.
  • We’re tackling the toughest cancers, like pancreatic and head and neck cancers, to help patients beat the odds like never before.
  • We’re developing new therapies that harness the immune system to fight cancer.
  • We are building a dedicated cancer hospital for adults to better serve our patients.

Today, we have the tools—genetics and big data—and, at UChicago, the talent across a wide spectrum of expertise to bring the future near. Like you, we’re curious. We lead in cancer research and care because we answer, with science, the questions most important to you.

Together, we can save lives.