Tomorrow’s leaders

Provide a unique and empowering education for the most promising future physicians and scientists.

If you could give a brilliant mind the opportunity to develop a cure for cancer, stall the diabetes epidemic, or care for you and your family when the stakes are highest, wouldn’t you? Our students are the innovators and problem solvers who will create tomorrow’s breakthroughs and expand the frontiers of medicine.

We’re training tomorrow’s leaders. At the Pritzker School of Medicine, our students move easily between research and care. It’s why the vast majority of our graduates go on to become leaders in academic medicine—the places where medical discoveries are made.

We are also home to one of the nation’s leading graduate programs in the biological sciences. Our students study across scientific disciplines and receive their education from some of the most renowned experts in these fields.

With your gift, you are investing in the future of medicine. With your help, a brilliant student from an impoverished background can pursue her dream of a career in biological research. A talented young physician can practice primary care in a medically underserved neighborhood rather than pursuing a lucrative specialty out of necessity to repay student debt. And when these students graduate, your investments will endure. The students you support will touch the lives of countless patients and become mentors for future generations.

Together, we can give brilliant minds the chance to save lives.