Transforming care

Dramatically improve treatment for people with serious illnesses, including digestive disease, diabetes, and heart and vascular disease, while setting new standards for patient care, training, and clinical research.

Imagine that you could

  • protect yourself from digestive disease by harnessing your microbiome—the organisms that live in and around you;
  • have “open-heart” surgery, but your chest remained closed; and
  • identify the child at risk for addiction and intervene early.

Our physicians and scientists find new ways to attack the diseases that touch so many of us. The innovative treatments and therapies provided here are available at only a handful of hospitals worldwide. What’s more, we’re constantly working on creating the next innovation, the next cure. The University of Chicago fosters a collaborative culture where scholars across disciplines regularly work together to solve the most complex problems in medicine.

Your gifts propel the initial research that can earn national endorsement and lead to world-changing medical breakthroughs.  We’ve done it with diabetes, celiac disease, immunology and transplant, and more. 

Just across the street from our research labs is a state-of-the-art hospital—the Center for Care and Discovery. A hospital visit may not be on your wish list. But you can be assured that every patient who walks through our doors receives care at the forefront of medicine.

Our physicians are here when you need expert, compassionate care. They quell ruthless cancers with reengineered human cells, and they maneuver robots to perform surgeries that barely leave a mark. Plus, with our leading clinical trials program, our patients can access the latest, most-promising treatments that might become the next standards. But it doesn’t end there.

Changing the future is an iterative process. Our physicians and scientists take new questions sparked in our hospitals back into the lab to find new ways to better treat you and your families.

You can ensure that the University of Chicago is constantly redefining the future of medicine.
Together, we can advance health.

Our partnership

You can help us revolutionize care at the Center for Care and Discovery and help us tackle the diseases that touch so many of us. Your gifts to advance medicine can be used to

  • support research in any of our leading clinical programs, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, digestive disease, immunology and transplant, orthopaedics, and pediatrics;
  • leave a legacy through the many naming opportunities at the hospital;
  • support innovative programs for transforming and improving health care delivery;
  • create development opportunities for nurses to ensure the highest-caliber nursing workforce;
  • provide scholarships for a nursing-led research agenda to improve the quality and safety of care; and
  • acquire new technologies essential to complex care delivery.