Egyptian Discovery Fund

Egyptology has been a traditional strength of the Oriental Institute and the University of Chicago, starting with the appointment of OI founder James Henry Breasted to the first faculty chair in Egyptology more than a century ago. The Oriental Institute has earned an international reputation as a leader in the archaeology, history, and philology of ancient Egypt. OI faculty and researchers have conducted archaeological excavations, participated in salvage missions, and taken active roles in the documentation, preservation, restoration, and site management of both ancient and early Coptic sites. This work has yielded tremendous benefits for both visitors and scholars. Through its work on the Epigraphic Survey at Chicago House in Luxor and other archaeological excavations in Egypt, the Oriental Institute is a trusted partner in Egypt’s cultural preservation circles and has earned worldwide renown for its dedication to preserving and promoting Egypt’s rich cultural heritage.

A gift to the Egyptian Discovery Fund will help secure the Oriental Institute’s long-term commitment to ancient Egypt through the Epigraphic Survey at Chicago House. It will also allow the OI to respond to promising new opportunities for archaeological excavations, salvage missions, and conservation in Egypt, such as its current expedition at Tell Edfu.

Finally, support for the Egyptian Discovery Fund will benefit research and education beyond Egypt, making possible Chicago-based projects, such as conversion of the Chicago Demotic Dictionary to an electronic format, and the development of special exhibitions focused on both ancient and medieval Egypt at the OI Museum. The fund also will support the work of promising Egyptologists from around the world who will come to the OI as speakers, visiting scholars, research fellows, and faculty members, expanding the University’s and the world’s knowledge about this fascinating civilization.