Physics—Kadanoff Center

Reinforce the University’s leadership in materials science through the interdisciplinary Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics

The evolution of theories, from conception to experimental realization, can be a decades-long process, and discoveries in one area can have profound implications for another. The University of Chicago’s physics department has a long and storied history of interdisciplinary research and plans to leverage this strength to enhance the study of condensed matter, an exciting field of theoretical physics today. Recent advances in string theory have resulted in novel methods to compute the properties of materials. Building on these developments, UChicago physicists might solve a variety of outstanding problems in physics, ranging from the properties of atomic nuclei to those of superconductors. The Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics will unite experts in particle physics, string theory, general relativity, condensed matter physics, and hydrodynamics to work on this challenging and far-reaching vision.

To enable high-level research of such a broad scope, donors can help fund an endowment for the following departmental programs:

  • theoretical graduate and postdoctoral fellowships
  • invited-speaker workshops on specialized topics throughout the year
  • a scientist-in-residence program, which would relieve a faculty member of regular teaching duties for one quarter, to devote their research time to the Kadanoff Center and teach a special topics class
  • visiting scholar positions to expand our network of expertise to international institutions