SSA building

The School of Social Service Administration is critical to the impact the University of Chicago seeks to have on the world, including the community it calls home. At SSA, scholars and community leaders come together to help solve the most pressing social problems.

But SSA’s iconic Mies van der Rohe pavilion no longer reflects that collaboration. The complementary activities of the University of Chicago Crime Lab, the Network for College Success, the Chicago Center for Youth Violence Prevention, and the Center for Health Administration Studies are scattered across four nonintegrated sites, creating challenges to carrying out work that takes on complex interconnected problems. The arrangement also increasingly inhibits recruitment of the best faculty, students, visiting scholars, and civic leaders to SSA.

A vibrant nexus

We seek to construct a vibrant nexus that will connect the community and the University, convening visionary scholars and skilled professionals from multiple disciplines and perspectives to generate more sophisticated and durable solutions. A new physical structure to house SSA’s growing and increasingly integrated activities will unite scholars across disciplinary lines and related nodes of concern (e.g., in education, crime, violence, and poverty), across University and civic partners in the city of Chicago, and, through the latest technology and properly designed spaces, across urban centers around the world.

An integrated hub

An integrated physical home at SSA will foster a far more dynamic hub for social research and cross-disciplinary interaction among scholars, students, and civic leaders and harness the intellectual capacity for innovation and idea generation that are hallmarks of SSA and the University. Working under one roof, SSA faculty, students, and civic leaders will have the unprecedented opportunity to strike at the core of society’s most persistent and devastating ills.

An expanded base for impact

Now more than ever, new knowledge, new methods, and new models are needed to meet dynamic national and cross-national changes that affect conditions for people in communities near and far. Your support of this expanded base of operations will be the catalyst for the growing impact of SSA and the University.