Core support

Poverty, violence, addiction, loss, trauma, and other social ills have been of concern to social work and social welfare since the inception of the profession. Yet as our world becomes more interconnected and complex, the sources of such problems and the best ways to respond keep evolving too. And as the body of research evidence about which interventions and strategies show benefit expands, our understanding of how to organize and operationalize our work changes as well. At SSA, we have always been a leader in the field when it comes to anticipating and addressing emerging problems, policies, and practices.

Your support of the School of Social Service Administration’s mission provides student fellowships, domestic and international student placements, and faculty research in priority areas, as well as facility and technology infrastructure. This core support ensures that SSA can continue to attract the best minds in the field—students and faculty—and provide them with the resources they need to do their best work.