The Division of the Social Sciences

Research by UChicago faculty altered the course of the social sciences in the 20th century. The profound impact of this scholarship can be illustrated by the formation of the three Chicago schools of thought. In the 1920s, the Chicago school of sociology established a tradition of fieldwork infused with theory in the study of urban life. In the 1940s, the Chicago school of political science constructed the empirical and quantitative study of politics and government as a behavioral science. In the 1950s, the Chicago school of economics extended economic analysis to new spheres of social life. The Division of the Social Sciences is developing initiatives and programs to ensure that it continues to shape the course of social science for decades to come.

The division’s intellectual environment is unrivaled for its richness and intensity—the product of our long-standing commitment to the unbridled pursuit of ideas. The division’s intellectual life distinguishes UChicago from its peers, both in attracting and retaining top faculty and in providing an outstanding graduate education for its students.

With your support, the Division of the Social Sciences will continue to be a keystone of academic achievement at the University, affecting the world at large as it anticipates and reacts to emerging needs in a quickly changing discipline.