The Urban Education Institute

The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) is designed to dramatically improve educational outcomes for children growing up in urban America. UEI combines applied research, schooling, teacher preparation, and an engine to distribute tools and training across the country. No other institution in America integrates these bodies of work under one roof to transform public schools—and lives—at scale. UEI amplifies its impact by influencing practice and policy through strategic national engagement, informing policy makers, education leaders, media, parents, business leaders, and philanthropists about what matters most.

UEI is composed of four primary units:

UChicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR) leads UEI’s applied research effort, informing practice, policy, and the public about schooling in Chicago.

UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) prepares exemplary teachers for Chicago Public Schools while empirically testing a model for urban teacher preparation and support.

UChicago Charter School is a pre-K–12 “superhighway” to college with four campuses located in neighborhoods across the South Side, near the University. The UChicago Charter is nonselective (admitting students by lottery) and enrolls approximately 1,900 low-income African American children.

UChicago Impact provides pre-K–12 schools, school systems, and states with the highest quality research-based diagnostic tools and training designed to produce reliably excellent schooling.

UEI has achieved impressive results:

  • UChicago Charter School is preparing 1,900 students on the South Side of Chicago to complete college. For the third consecutive year, 100 percent of the senior class was accepted to college. The UChicago Charter has the highest college persistence rates of all nonselective schools in Chicago. Further, students are matriculating to highly selective colleges and universities. This fall, Priscilla Agbeo enrolled at Stanford on a full scholarship, and two other members of the class of 2014, Aliyah and Olivia Singleton, will enroll at the University of Chicago.
  • UChicago UTEP graduates boast retention rates of over 90 percent through five years. Nationwide, half of new teachers leave the profession within five years. UTEP places teachers in high-need schools in Chicago—where they are persisting, succeeding, and leading.
  • UChicago Impact tools and training are being used in more than 5,000 schools across the country, in diverse locations such as Kansas City, Baltimore, Des Moines, Portland, and San Jose. UChicago Impact’s tools are evidence-based and produce results. For example, schools that use Impact's STEP assessment substantially outperform comparison schools in literacy attainment.
  • UChicago CCSR indicators are driving significant improvement in Chicago and in districts and schools across the country. For instance, CCSR’s work demonstrating the importance of ninth-grade attendance and grades led Chicago Public Schools to launch a citywide focus on the freshman year. The results are remarkable. The city’s high schools have increased the percentage of ninth graders who are on track from 55 percent in 2008 to 84 percent in June of 2014.

Your support will advance UEI’s ambitious mission to produce knowledge to create reliably excellent urban schooling nationwide.