Create an exemplary model of schooling from prekindergarten to 12th grade

UChicago Charter School is a pre-K–12 “superhighway” to college. The four campuses of the UChicago Charter School are located in neighborhoods across the South Side, near the University. The UChicago Charter is nonselective (admitting students by lottery) and enrolls approximately 1,900 low-income African American children.

The singular mission of the school is to create an existence proof, demonstrating what is required to ensure children from across Chicago’s South Side go to and graduate from college. To fulfill this mission, UChicago Charter requires a state-of-the-art high school equipped with the facilities to serve its science, music, art, athletic, and technology programs.

Donors have the opportunity to make gifts to build a first-class facility befitting a first-class school: a tangible symbol of the University commitment to provide the best for students from across the South Side.

Your gift can also support the academic, artistic and social support programs necessary to provide students with the rich array of experiences necessary for success in college and life. Finally, your gift can support professional training and development for our faculty, to ensure the UChicago Charter School remains an intellectual destination for exemplary teachers.