Prepare the next generation of exemplary teachers and leaders

UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) prepares exemplary teachers and teacher leaders for Chicago Public Schools while empirically testing a model for urban teacher preparation and support. UChicago UTEP is a two-year graduate program that awards a master of arts in teaching degree. Aspiring teachers receive intensive clinical preparation over a 15-month period and three years of in-classroom coaching upon entry into Chicago schools. UChicago UTEP graduates boast a retention rate of 90 percent through five years, one that far exceeds that of most teacher training programs as well as the national average of 50 percent. A significant percentage of UTEP alumni also have taken on educational leadership roles as their careers progress.

Your gift to UChicago UTEP will support a proven, scalable model to select, train, and retain the next generation of highly effective teachers and leaders for urban schools.