Giving Vehicle

Please make your donation to the University of Chicago Foundation through Maecenata International by downloading our giving form and sending it to Maecenata International.

Maecenata International
Herzogstrasse 60
+49 89 28 44 52

Please send a copy of the form to:

The University of Chicago Foundation Limited
19 Norcott Road
London, N16 7EJ, United Kingdom
+44 207 502 2813

Important Notes

  • Gifts given via Maecenata International are subject to a fee of 5 percent on the first €100,000 and then 1 percent on the remainder, up to a maximum fee of €15,000.
  • Your gift receipt will come from Maecenata International.
  • Questions concerning Transnational Giving Europe or how to make a gift to Maecenata International can be directed to Eileen Flood, University of Chicago Foundation Administrator, at