Research experiences for graduate students

The Becker Friedman Institute will provide more opportunities for graduate students to expand and deepen their research activities.

Through the Macro Financial Modeling research initiative, the institute has awarded dissertation support, arranged for students to present their work at conferences, and allowed them to gain valuable feedback from senior scholars and policy makers. Following this model, the institute plans to provide similar opportunities within other topical research initiatives.

The institute will also continue and expand its long-running Visiting Doctoral Students Program. Promising third- and fourth-year PhD students from other universities spend an extended period at UChicago, taking classes and working with local faculty. Past participants say that the experience gave them a fresh, fundamentally different way of thinking about economic problems that has continued to serve them throughout their careers.

With dedicated support, the institute can host at least six graduate students working in a growing range of areas each year. Your support of these programs ensures that economists in training benefit from exposure to a wider range of expertise and perspectives through immersion in the unique Chicago environment of rigorous economic analysis. These programs will produce expertly trained researchers able to apply economic analysis in any field they pursue.