The University of Chicago Divinity School

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact has had a remarkable impact on the people and programs of the Divinity School. With the support of our committed volunteers, friends, donors, and alumni, the Divinity School has exceeded its original goal of $20 million. We are extraordinarily pleased to have been so richly sustained by our many supporters.

  • We have established the Craft of Teaching Program, which has dramatically enhanced the pedagogical learning opportunities available to Divinity School students. Through the program, doctoral students learn from master practitioners and hone their own skills in workshops, structured discussions, and peer-to-peer mentorship.
  • The Divinity School has honored the legacy of one of its most beloved professors, the late Carl Darling Buck Distinguished Service Professor Anthony C. Yu. The new Yu fellowship supports the development of junior faculty, encouraging their development as researchers and mentors—roles for which Yu was renowned.
  • We have developed and deepened our teaching of Theravada Buddhism, bringing advanced practitioners to campus as guest lecturers and teachers, offering workshops in both Buddhist teaching and meditation practices, and sustaining a series of keynote lectures. Through these programs, the Divinity School has been able to attract some of Theravada Buddhism’s best scholars and students, deepening the School’s expertise in this robust world tradition.
  • During the campaign, the School established the Tandean Rustandy Chair in Global Christianities. While an occupant for the chair is being identified, support for the chair is enabling academic conferences and lectureships on this important topic, developing the University of Chicago’s profile as a convener for research on  Christianity in the context of Asia, Africa, and South America, generating rich conversations at Swift Hall and beyond.

The University of Chicago Divinity School is extraordinarily grateful to our friends, donors, and alumni, who made the campaign so transformative for the School. With your help, we have created new pedagogical opportunities, generated new faculty fellowships, strengthened our academic programming, and enhanced the school’s ability to attract and retain world-class faculty.