University of Chicago Center in Paris

The Center in Paris is the University of Chicago's research and teaching arm in Europe. Since its official opening in 2004 in an academic corridor between the French National Library and the University of Paris Diderot in the 13th arrondissement, the Center in Paris has hosted faculty and students from across the University, as well as joint collaborations with European institutions of higher education.

In addition to offering undergraduate courses for 250 UChicago college students and providing research offices for up to a dozen graduate students every year, the Center in Paris hosts a wide range of events including public lectures, colloquia, debates, and conferences. In addition, it creates a base for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, and serves as a gathering place for scholars and UChicago alumni throughout Europe and the Middle East and Africa. The Center in Paris is a springboard for deepening ties with scholars around the region, advancing the University of Chicago’s work to build a global network of academic collaboration, and highlighting its Hyde Park campus as a premier destination for students and scholars worldwide.