William Eckhardt Research Center

In 2015, the Institute for Molecular Engineering moved into its new campus home: the William Eckhardt Research Center. This architecturally innovative building hosts a broad spectrum of 21st-century science, from investigation of the deepest cosmic mysteries to manipulations of matter on the scale of atoms and molecules.

Along with significant parts of the Physical Sciences Division, the Eckhardt Center accommodates numerous 24 IME faculty members, along with their graduate students, College students, and research and support staff. Located at 56th Street and Ellis Avenue, the new building will also puts IME faculty in close proximity to collaborators at the Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery and the University of Chicago Medicine.

Precision characterizes the science that goes on within the 265,000-square-foot building. Its seven floors include state-of-the-art faculty laboratories and ultraclean rooms for nanoscale manufacturing. The two belowground levels, designed to minimize vibration, allow for molecular imaging.

Your support of the versatile and powerful spaces and equipment in the William Eckhardt Research Center help ensure that IME’s faculty have the resources to launch an exciting new era of exploration and impact at the University of Chicago.