Core facilities fund

Improve facilities and provide advanced instrumentation to attract and retain superlative faculty

Gone are the days when scientists built, ran, and maintained all the equipment in their labs. As science advances, so do equipment and facilities, becoming more powerful, precise, and indispensable to a vast array of research fields. The Physical Sciences Division maintains core facilities available to the entire University, including nuclear magnetic resonance, crystallography, mass spectroscopy, a machine shop, an electronics shop, an engineering center, a brand new clean room, and even a graphic arts design studio and print shop.

These facilities serve individual laboratories and researchers, but they also encourage collaboration, bringing scientists from different fields together in a common intellectual and physical space. State-of-the-art instrumentation also helps recruit the best faculty, allowing them to devote their start-up funds to equipment specialized to their particular research.

The University of Chicago simply could not have made the scientific strides it has without these advanced facilities. Every research institution faces this challenge: maintaining instrumentation to meet the need of ever-progressing science. Donors give the University a strategic advantage by helping to support the construction, maintenance, expansion, and staffing of core facilities.