Provide tools and training to improve urban schooling nationwide

UChicago Impact provides pre-K–12 schools, school systems, and states with the highest quality research-based diagnostic tools and training designed to produce reliably excellent schooling. UChicago Impact products are research and practice based—designed to improve instruction, leadership, and college readiness, and accelerate academic achievement. UChicago Impact currently works in 55 cities in 23 states nationwide.

The results are persuasive. For example, schools strong on three or more of the five areas measured by UChicago Impact’s 5Essentials tool are 10 times more likely to improve student learning in math and reading. Schools that use Impact’s STEP literacy assessment substantially outperform comparison schools in literacy. Recently UEI researchers have validated a tool to measure non-cognitive development in young people (including skills like academic perseverance, mind-sets, and the social skills critical for success in school and life). We expect to make the first nationally validated non-cognitive assessment tool available to schools and school systems in the next 12 months.

Your gift to UChicago Impact will support the development and dissemination of new research-based, practice-proven tools, impacting student and school performance nationwide.